Many of our clients have been generous enough to share their success stories, but b ecause our services are confidential, many choose to withhold their names or pictures. We had both grown pretty frustrated with the dating scene. I started to wonder if I would ever find my match. I had tried everything from Mid-Singles conferences to singles wards to online dating to blind dates without success. I needed a way to meet someone outside of my usual social group that I felt chemistry with and had the same standards that I held to. I went to their October event where they had a classy but casual dinner event at a local country club. It was here I was set up with Darlene. Amy chose to match me with her because I was attracted to her, we had a lot of the same interests, and she had learned in talking with Darlene that she felt the same way about the Gospel as I did.

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Like you’d guess from the title, Indian Matchmaking follows one matchmaker as she tries to set up several singles of Indian origin oftentimes in India in the hopes that they’ll find love. But how real or staged is Indian Matchmaking? Keep reading while we dive in. Indian Matchmaking follows world-renowned matchmaker Sima Tiparia , who works with clients both in India and abroad. On the show, we see her travel through America, where she enters every one of her clients’ house and introduces herself without fail as “Sima from Mumbai,” and cameras also follow a bit of her day-to-day back home.

Wondering what type of singles join It’s Just Lunch? Read on Erik & Danielle, IJL Couple. We do love a good story.

I had been out with every eligible guy in NYC. Although, it was great to meet new people and try new restaurants and bars, nothing was clicking. I met Brooke and she listened to me talk about my dating experiences and found the common thread amongst what I liked and identified what was not working for me. She introduced me to my future husband, he possessed the qualities I liked and other attributes I found intriguing.

From that point on, it was just easy. Things just grew organically and now we are getting married out East in September.

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Every reality show has at least one villain. As Sima and the show itself frequently remind us, arranged marriage is not quite the form of social control it used to be; everyone here emphasizes that they have the right to choose or refuse the matches presented to them. But as becomes especially clear when Sima works in India, that choice is frequently and rather roughly pressured by an anvil of social expectations and family duty.

We do love a good story. It’s Just Lunch clients represent many different professions and career/life stages. Some are divorced or new to a city and want to.

Need to chat or get some advice contact us at admin 2connect. We throw all kinds of events including speed dating follow us on Facebook to hear about our next event in your area. Matchmaking Stories. Loved the event! The guys were interesting, worldy, funny and some super entertaining. Your quiz format is brilliant and a great way to spend a few hours meeting cool people. Jenny, Clontarf. Hi, t was really an enjoyable experience- hostess was really friendly and organised and put everyone at ease.

Vyasar Ganesan, From Netflix’s ‘Indian Matchmaking’, Responds To Criticism Of The Show

My experience over the past few months with Professional Matchmaking has been absolutely fantastic! My team seems to really understand me and what I am looking for as it has been one wonderful match after the other. I feel that I am a good looking, fit, successful, hardworking guy, that just seems to meet all the wrong girls in all the wrong places. Time is money and I was tired of wasting both.

Don’t Take Our Word For It. Once we’ve done a preliminary consultation, we’re always happy to provide references to potential clients! Here are just a few of the​.

Some are divorced or new to Toronto and want to fast-forward their dating. From spending hours sorting through online profiles looking for a good match to trying to connect via pokes, winks and email, dating can suddenly feel like a full-time job. With so many dating options out there, why did you choose It’s Just Lunch? I felt like it was a waste of my time.

M: I had gotten a divorce and then did online dating for a while before joining IJL. You have to keep up on it.

Indian Matchmaking: What happened to the couples after the series?

After a few days of chatting about myself and telling me about her brother, we decided it would be nice to meet. A few weeks later, both Hoda and her brother visited my family in Boston, and right off the bat i knew he was the one! Married December A few months prior to this conversation, I had mentioned to Hoda that I was open to being set up in case someone she though was a good fit for me came across her radar.

While visiting her sister in Seattle, she came across my now fiance and saw that we might be compatible. After checking with him to see if he was both single and interested in marriage, Hoda gave him a basic rundown of who I am and helped us to exchange contact information.

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The Mumbai-based matchmaker Sima Taparia delivers this meme-friendly one-liner in the seventh episode of the hit Netflix series Indian Matchmaking. But she departs from this well-worn model in her attention to one extra characteristic: caste. This silent shadow hangs over every luxurious living room she leads viewers into. She lumps an entire social system, which assigns people to a fixed place in a hierarchy from birth, together with anodyne physical preferences. This prejudiced treatment includes, but is hardly limited to, workplace discrimination in the United States.

For example, the state of California sued the tech company Cisco in June for allegedly failing to protect a Dalit employee from discrimination by his higher-caste Brahmin managers. When a popular show like Indian Matchmaking neglects this alarming fact of the Indian American experience, it quietly normalizes caste for a global audience. Contrary to what some viewers might think, the caste system is an active form of discrimination that persists in India and within the Indian American diaspora.

One of the primary functions of arranged marriage is maintaining this status quo. That explains why people in dominant castes often carry out brutal violence against their own family members who dare to marry outside their caste, particularly if a partner is Dalit. Last year, in Maharashtra, a father reportedly doused his daughter and her Dalit husband in kerosene and lit them on fire to condemn their intercaste marriage. These attacks are part of a pattern of families punishing relatives for rejecting marriages arranged on the basis of caste.

Multiple episodes open with When Harry Met Sally —esque interviews featuring mostly older, straight couples in seemingly happy arranged marriages. Same-sex marriages are not legally recognized in India.

‘Indian Matchmaking’ is just the tip of the iceberg of matchmaking in India

Are you still pondering the best way to meet quality singles? As Kelleher International matchmakers, we work with amazing singles like you searching for their match. They often arrive on our doorstep frustrated and disgruntled with their current dating experience. Did you read the recent article in The Atlantic discussing the flaws of analyzing dating like an economy?

This age-old notion is new again with the surge of dating app culture. And we certainly understand if you feel too time-starved to discover a more meaningful way to put yourself out there.

Here’s an update on the cast of Netflix’s Indian Matchmaking. for being sooo great and making it easy for me to share my story and my family.

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I’ve ordered two bowls of bread-and-milk and some health biscuits. I hope you don’t mind. Clovis pretended afterwards that he didn’t go white above the collar-line for the fraction of a second. There really are such people. I’ve known people who’ve met them. To think of all the adorable things there are to eat in the world, and then to go through life munching sawdust and being proud of it.

You needn’t tell me that a man who doesn’t love oysters and asparagus and good wines has got a soul, or a stomach either.

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