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Having a staff member going on reservist to serve in the military can be a disruption to your business. Here are some guidelines to be aware of. Business owners employing NSmen need to be aware of the rights and responsibilities of both themselves and their employees. Here are the basics. From around 18 years of age, every male Singaporean citizen does two years of national service and remains in the defence forces on a reserve basis until age 40, or 50 if a commissioned officer.

All NSmen who have served or are serving in the Singapore Police Force (SPF) or cannot exceed the main (principal) member’s membership expiry date.

From the main photo, it would indeed appear that the NSman and the others seated beside him, in fact was inconsiderate not to give up his seat to the woman. The elderly lady could have taken that seat. In fact, it is reserved for commuters like her. STOMP did not report this and had apparently edited its headline photo to cut out the empty seat.

In June , it created and published a story accompanied with a photograph of an MRT train moving with one set of its doors open. Upholding this is a duty of each and every member of the team. We will have to work to improve our print and online processes, to do right by our readers. I would like to assure the public and all STOMP readers that the website does not tolerate such unethical behaviour. We will also be reviewing our operating procedures and will do everything we can to prevent such a lapse from recurring.

However, the Straits Times itself was found to have breached the law on two separate occasions in the past year. STOMP has also been observed to put out many anti-foreigner and xenophobic postings about foreigners in Singapore.

ORNS Training Cycle

I am delighted to be here with you this evening, under this tent in the pouring rain. We are here to celebrate NS50, 50 years of National Service. This Floating Platform, in the heart of the city, is a particularly appropriate location to celebrate NS The Marina Bay skyline reminds us of all we have built together, and what we fight to defend.

Full-time National Service (NS) enlistment dates for the next three months.

Each year, there are between 15, to 18, Singaporean males beginning their NS obligation. The Club, however, has a limited capacity, especially in terms of the golfing facilities. As such, term membership allows us to strike a balance between ensuring a membership priority for new generations of NSmen and making sure that all our facilities are fully utilised. The aim of the Club is to provide a premier country club experience at an affordable rate.

This means that, unlike other clubs, relevant fees apply only when you are using the facilities. Hence, members will not be penalised if they do not utilise the facilities. The mission of the Club since its inception is to provide recreational, sporting, competition and social facilities for persons who have completed full-time National Service NS and who are rendering reserve service under the Enlistment Act, Cap.

Operationally-Ready NSmen. However, more and more ex-Nsmen, i. Hence, with this group of people in mind, the Club reviewed its guidelines and introduced the Associate Membership in August Ordinary Members who have completed their NS liability may extend their membership under the Associate Membership category. Associate Members may extend their Associate Membership up to a maximum term of 30 years, including any previous Ordinary Membership term.

Ordinary Members Basic who have completed their NS liability may extend their membership under the Associate Membership Basic category.

PA honours NSmen with special deals in July

The concession card can be used until the end of full-time National Service. Once concession eligibility has expired, the card can no longer be used and you will need to purchase an Adult Stored Value Card for daily commuting. That’s great!

* Activation of concession pass can be made up to 7 days in advance from your travel start date. Concession passes cannot be overlapped in dates. * Unused.

Lifelong buddies, service to Singapore, personal development — the best things in NS life are priceless. This article was first published on 1 July , and updated with the latest information. These include interpersonal skills honed by living with and working with people from all walks of life, forging lifelong bonds of friendship and gaining a wider network. In addition to the abovementioned, there is also something immensely useful from the Singapore Armed Forces SAF that Singaporean men can and should make full use of in the civilian life — their eMart credits.

It is responsible for providing effective and convenient access to personal logistics items to SAF personnel. The e-Mart credits system was introduced to give service personnel the flexibility and autonomy to plan for replacement of their own personal equipment, while ensuring overall waste is kept to a minimum. In addition to e-Mart outlets in various military bases, there are also two e-Marts that are accessible to the public:.

You can also shop at the eMart online through the NS Portal. The lead time needed for both self-collection and home delivery is at least four working days, and more if additional service is required, such as sewing or embroidery. You can carry forward any unused credits to the next credits top-up period before they expire.

Straits Times portal’s inaccurate report about NSman on train

Finland, Communication No. The text of the Views is appended to the present document. Having concluded its consideration of communication No.

System User Guide for Returning NSmen (RNS) Step 3: Enter the email address or the 9-digit User ID and Date of Birth that you have provided in your.

Mr Heng was speaking during his ministry’s Committee of Supply debate. The raise includes increments in both rank and vocation allowance components. Registration for the trial ends on Apr These coordinators will come from Foreign System Schools and Privately Funded Institutions, he said, adding that some pre-enlistees are new citizens and permanent residents who might not have family or friends who have undergone NS.

For instance, the Central Manpower Base CMPB is trialling a real-time queue management system and facial recognition technology to cut waiting times during the pre-enlistment process. In June, it will implement improved eServices, like a single online transaction for bond and exit permit applications, so future servicemen can complete most transactions online.

On top of that, virtual consultations at SAF medical centres and telemedicine devices like digital stethoscopes will allow quicker and more convenient access to medical services. Measures to improve the NS experience. Dr Maliki also revealed that MINDEF will conduct engagement sessions in the second half of this year to hear from Singaporeans on how Total Defence can be strengthened and better put into action.

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NSman Relief (Self, Wife and Parent)

You may wish to apply for a Singapore International Passport i. The completed application forms can then be submitted either in person adult or through a proxy at the Consulate-General. The new BioPass is valid for 5 years.

“I saw this NSman sitting on the train reading his book, even though there was the paper by the police or the Attorney General’s Office to date.

National Service NS is the national policy in Singapore mandated by statutory law [1] that requires all male Singaporean citizens and second-generation permanent residents to serve a period of compulsory service in the uniformed services. It was first instituted in to help build Singapore’s military forces soon after its independence, and has since been expanded to involve the police and civil defence force as well. A two-month reduction in full-time National Service is offered for all pre-enlistees who are able to pass their now-modified three-station Individual Physical Proficiency Test IPPT consisting of push-ups, sit-ups and a 2.

The Singapore government felt that it was necessary to build a substantial military force to defend itself. The country had only about 1, soldiers at independence. In the late s, the British government had decided to withdraw its troops and bases from the East of Suez , including troops stationed in Singapore.

That prompted the government to implement a conscription program for the country’s defence needs.

All NSFs, NSmen to get higher monthly NS allowance in recognition of contributions

Please read the instructions overleaf carefully before filling up the claim form. It will take you about 10 minutes to complete this form. To be completed in full by the employer and submitted only if the employer will not be paying the employee his civilian salary for the above mentioned period of NS training.

They want to read about the latest in food, fashion, entertainment, travel and fitness, and stay up to date with the latest SAFRA activities. Some NSMan pages​.

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5 things every national serviceman (nsf) needs to do to prepare for life after ord

Some 2, pre-enlistees due for enlistment in May will be administratively enlisted on their scheduled enlistment dates, and need not physically report for BMT, said the Ministry of Defence Mindef on Wednesday 22 April. They will stay at home until the BMT suspension is lifted, and informed of their new reporting date, it added. The BMT suspension will affect a total of some 6, recruits, said Mindef. To ensure their operationally ready date ORD will not be affected, the SAF will make adjustments to their training, it added.

As such, servicemen in active units undergoing operational training and SAF training schools, such as the Officer Cadet School and Specialist Cadet School, will continue to adhere to enhanced safety measures as previously announced. Servicemen performing critical functions — such as island defence, protection of key installations, maritime security, air defence, and counter-terrorism operations — will continue to be cohorted, it said.

The NS Portal Website will post the exact date of implementation. Gold awardees will continue to receive S$ , silver awardees, S$ , and.

NSman Relief is to recognise their contributions to National Service. This relief is allowed based on national service done in the previous work year i. NSman Wife and NSman Parent Reliefs are also given to the wives and parents of NSmen respectively to recognise the support they give to their husbands and sons. You do not need to claim this relief as IRAS will automatically grant it to you based on your eligibility. If you are eligible but the relief is not shown in your annual tax filing or tax bill, please send the following details or documents to us by email :.

When there is a change in your marital status e. Parents of deceased NSmen are also eligible for this relief. Both father and son belong to the general population of NSmen and did not perform any NS activity in the preceding work year. Skip to content. A Singapore Government Agency Website. Go to Companies Section More Casino Tax Clubs and Associations Charities. Did you perform NS activities in the preceding year? To qualify for this relief: You are a Singapore Citizen in the preceding year; and Your husband is eligible for NSman Self Relief Widows of deceased NSmen may also be eligible for the relief unless they have re-married.

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